From office workers and drivers to shop assistants and cleaners, we could all do with keeping an eye on our posture from time to time.

Whether you’re sedentary in an office chair, hunched over a laptop in a coffee shop, or doing your fourth run round the M25 this week; many of us often sit and stand in weird and wonderful positions which could be harming us in the long run.

It could be hunched shoulders, a protruding stomach, or the smartphone-gazing phenomenon aptly-named “Tech Neck”. Consistently incorrect posture can lead to a wide range of health problems later in life, including aches and pains, worn ligaments, and even injuries from training.

“When considering your standing posture, try to maintain an upright spine, front-facing chest, relaxed shoulders, and an engaged core to support yourself,” suggests Damo.

“Maintaining a healthy posture will not only serve you well in the long run, but it can also improve your form and technique immediately for the most effective training, allowing you to reach your goals more efficiently.”