Let your body move

Summer holidays are here! Whether you’re jetting off somewhere hot, heading down to the beach, or just chilling out in the garden, it’s the perfect […] Read More

The members of the Damo's Personal Training team (L-R): Lauren, Hisham, and Kevin.

Time for teamwork

Many of our clients will have the absolute pleasure to know and train with the excellent Hisham, a senior trainer who is a big part of our […] Read More

Iron out your nutrition

Reaching your fitness and weight loss goals comes with consistency, commitment, the right plan, and robust nutrition. After all, you can’t out train a poor […] Read More

Woman pulling a rope or resistance band doing exercise amongst nature

Muscle memory

Personal training is an excellent cornerstone of burning fat, losing KGs and inches, and getting in the shape you’ve always dreamed of. But did you […] Read More

Woman performing strength training on a machine in a gym

Happy new you

If you’re hitting the gym this January, make sure you include strength training in your workouts. For example, you may want to start using free […] Read More