Kale Super Bowl

This healthy, nutritious bowl is so easy to make and scrummy, it will be your go-to for a fast protein-packed lunch after a morning workout! Great for […] Read More


We are extremely excited to announce an ice cold collab for this AW23 season… Brixton Street Wear has partnered with Damo’s Personal Training! 🤜 🤛 […] Read More


Let your body move

Summer holidays are here! Whether you’re jetting off somewhere hot, heading down to the beach, or just chilling out in the garden, it’s the perfect […] Read More

Vegan Caribbean Mango Salad

Damo’s Caribbean Mango Salad

Bringing you some Island Vibes for the summer, this easy mango, avocado, and cucumber salad is bursting with colour and light, fresh flavour. It’s easy […] Read More

Lots of different fruits and vegetables

United colours of nutrition

We’ve all heard the mantra of “getting your five a day,” meaning that all-important five portions of fruit and vegetables to keep your body feeling […] Read More