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Based in Clapham with over 15 years experience in the fitness industry, we are well-established as the best Personal Training Studio in London.

Our handpicked Team of Personal Trainers bring together everything you need to achieve your goals. Above all, we pride ourselves on our knowledge, treating each client as an individual and tailoring all programs to match your requirements. Through our friendly approach, we will encourage and motivate you all the way through your fitness journey.

Lead Trainer Damo

“Together, we can achieve your goals.”

Damo – Lead Personal Trainer

Damo Overhead Press
Paul Plank
Poppy Arnie Shoulder Press on Swiss Ball
Catherine Lunge Oblique Twist
Damo Overhead Press
Poppy Arnie Shoulder Press on Swiss Ball
Paul Plank
Catherine Lunge Oblique Twist

Clients of the Month

Alice Walden-Jones

“Damo is a fantastic PT who pushes you just the right amount. Every session is always different, and I have seen great results! Highly recommended.”

Carl Honore

“Damo is a wonderful trainer. Knows his stuff and knows how to get it across in a way that spurs you to act on it. He’s a very good listener, which means his training is tailored to your needs rather than to his. Plus, he’s a really sweet guy. Cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Paul Campbell

“When I first started training with Damo, I could hardly complete a full sit up or press up but after two months of hard graft and a few lifestyle changes, I am in much better shape. Damo created a fitness programme around my goals and his encouragement helped me to achieve way beyond I thought I ever could. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Juan Roses

“Couldn’t ask for more. Damo always encourages and motivates you in a positive manner. He’s clearly very experienced and knowledgeable in fitness and dietary requirements. Damo works with my wife and myself, tailoring workouts to fit our individual needs. Thanks for all your ongoing work, Damo!”

Paulo Almeida

“I’ve been training with Damo for about 8 years, during which time he has helped me with my goals – from losing weight, to gaining muscle and staying healthy. He’s helped me with exercise regimes and is always on hand to answer any questions I have about my training. Damo keeps me motivated and focused.”

Asher Baker

“Damo is the best personal trainer I have ever met. Sure, he’s got the knowledge, and the skills, and the personal studio gym with all the best equipment in it – but he also clearly cares about every single one of his clients. He knows everyone’s name. He knows what you’re up to at the weekend. He chats away like you’ve been friends for years, but most importantly – he listens. Personal training with Damo is only ever driven by your goals and what you want to achieve. Your goals become his goals, and you never feel pressured, or bullied, or uncomfortable. Every session is hard work, but not stressful. You’re not expected to be superhuman – just to have a great attitude towards making yourself the best you can be. If you do, Damo’s attitude will match. TOP GENT.”

Tara Jenkins

“Personal training has been a rather grim chore for me in the past, but I can genuinely say I enjoy my sessions with Damo. He has a rare and wonderful ability to motivate, combined with gentle empathy and a dry sense of humour. You are pushed to achieve, almost without realising it – surely the holy grail for a reluctant exerciser! The best bit: every session is different, so there’s no room for ennui, and time literally flies by. Results-wise, I see a difference in my weight, muscle tone and energy levels already – would heartily recommend!”

Dom Tillyard

“Damo’s a great trainer who designs plans that are perfect for achieving your goals and don’t get boring. He’s also a top bloke!”

Joe and Lisa

“Lisa and I have been with Damo for 8 weeks and have both seen a massive difference to our physique and general health – feeling fitter, stronger and generally more active. We’ve barely done the same exercise twice and our diet has also improved following Damo’s solid advice. Thanks Damo!” — Joe Catton

“Being able to train as a couple has been great motivation for both of us and something we really enjoy. Damo is an excellent personal trainer. He knows exactly when and how hard to push you during every session. In the short space of time we have been training with him I have learnt so much about technique, diet and how to structure a training programme that helps us achieve our goals. A massive thank you Damo.” — Lisa Allan

Our Personal Training Studio

Our private personal training studio is based in Clapham North, a short walk from Clapham North Underground Station, Clapham High Street Overground Station, and is served by many bus routes from Central London. The studio is minutes away from a wealth of amenities, shops and eateries on Clapham High Street. The studio provides the perfect private environment for you and your personal trainer to achieve your goals in comfort – away from the local gym or public park.

The Personal Training Studio is fully kitted out with the best fitness equipment, from kettle bells and Olympic bars to weights, pullup bars and TRX. Over 15 years experience in the fitness industry allows us to use only the equipment that gets results – individual results, tailored especially to you. It is the closest you will find to your own gym – perfect for your personal use during your training sessions.

The studio is also available for hire to personal trainers looking to train their clients in the privacy and comfort of a well-equipped private gym.

Please contact us for rates.

Our Personal Training Studio features…

  • Tyres
  • Core Bags
  • Plyometrics Boxes
  • Calisthenics Bars
  • Bulgarian Power Bags
  • TRX
  • Battle Ropes
  • Kettle Bells
  • Olympic Bars
  • Free Weights
  • Swiss Balls
  • Boxing Station and Pads
  • Running Track
  • Dip Racks
  • Squat Racks
  • Cable Machine
  • Spin Bikes

… and more!

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is an ancient traditional Chinese Martial Art originating in Southern China’s Fujian province, utilising strikes and movements found and observed in nature – namely that of the Snake & Crane.

The system is based around fast strikes, or chain punching, to disorientate and surprise the opponent. It also focuses on centre line theory: keeping the centre of your opponent in line with your own as you move around them.

Under the excellent tutelage of Sifu Hung, the focus at our Wing Chun School is always on you and your development. We strive to provide a friendly place for training and development, and only ever teach martial arts in small classes so that you receive the attention you need to make progress.

Sifu Hung has been training in Wing Chun for most of his life.

He is proficient in all Wing Chun techniques and patterns, including the WOODEN DUMMY as featured in the famous Donnie Yen film, Ip Man.

Sifu Hung teaches Wing Chun from the lineage of Sifu Jiu Wan.

Wing Chun classes are held at 11:00am on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month at our Studio.

Directions to our Personal Training Studio can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Wing Chun Class!

Contact Us

Visit Our Clapham North Studio

Damo’s Personal Training
Unit 1N

Clapham North Arts Centre
26-32 Voltaire Road
Telephone: 07956 212 401

We are located a stone’s throw away from Clapham High Street Overground Station and Clapham North Underground Station. We are served by multiple bus routes, and there is free parking for Damo’s Personal Training clients.

Bus Routes

P5, 50, 88, 155, 322, 345

Directions from Clapham High Street Overground

Exit Clapham High Street Overground Station, and turn right – you will see a big blue sign for Clapham North Arts Centre. Walk up Voltaire Road towards the sign, and enter the gate. Walk down the road, through the Arts Centre, all the way through the short tunnel until you reach the Unit 1N.

Overground Trains to Clapham High Street:

Towards Highbury & Islington
Towards Clapham Junction

Directions from Clapham North Underground

Exit Clapham North Underground Station, and turn right. Walk towards the railway bridge, until you reach a pelican crossing, opposite The Railway pub. Cross the road, then walk around to the right of The Railway pub, until you see the blue sign for Clapham North Arts Centre. Walk up Voltaire Road towards the sign, and enter the gate. Walk down the road, through the Arts Centre, all the way through the short tunnel until you reach the Unit 1N.

Underground Trains to Clapham North:

Northern Line towards Morden
Northern Line towards Edgware
Northern Line towards High Barnet

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